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Student Discount

In commendation of students trying to further their education, we offer a 20% discount Minimum to all eligible high school, college, and university students in the US and in certain cases, around the world. 


Our Minimum Promise guarantees that our service personal receives the lowest possible price even on the on rare occasions or promotional events where 20% off isn’t the lowest discount advertised. In these events we will further increase your discount percentage during said promotion! 

You will also be eligible to receive exclusive offers and promotions via email.

To get the discount:

  • Verify your status with our admin team at Red Zone Coins —you’ll need to complete the verification form, which may require uploading documentation showing your educational status.

  • After successful verification, we’ll provide a multi-use promo code for 20% off most items on

  • Use the promo code during checkout.

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